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Shaver Concepts Industrial Design

Shaver concepts above. Conceptual sketchwork practice that I posted to Instagram. I tend towards minimalism and clean geometric shapes because simple geometries offer many benefits such as space efficiency, reduction in manufacturing complexity and flat surfaces stop products rolling and can often be stored/ transported more efficiently . However, there are also benefits to compound curvature especially when applied to products that are worn by people or frequently interacted with. It can improve part rigidity & strength, produce better ergonomics and often leads to a more advanced aesthetic. As my design sensibilities mature I realise that a combination of the two approaches is often the most pleasing. 

The above conceptual sketchwork was reposted by a design curator on Instagram (@Designb4do).




I offer concept design as a service. I can draw concepts to a high level if required but generally I believe quick, rough sketches are the most efficient way to clarify your aesthetic preferences & choose a direction for the product or packaging. These can be used to create a CAD model of your product which can later be fleshed out to build a prototype &/ or used for renderings. 



Insulated Kettle Conepts Industrial Design
Insulated Kettle Concepts 02 Industrial Design
The Bridge Games Controller Concept Industrial Design
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