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I always design with manufacture in mind. Above are products that I am developing in-house for future sale. Below are a number of road safety & sensor products that I designed while working at Solagen Ltd. primarily manufactured using sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining. At Oxford Product Design I completed design engineering on numerous projects. More information on this below. I have numerous manufacturing partners who I can call on to get you a prototype made or even prototype your project inhouse myself with my 3D printer  (pending delivery in April 2023).  

To be a good Industrial Designer I think you need Design Engineering experience. That is why during the first 4 years of my career I worked as a Design Engineer on projects for Oxford Product Design and before that, Solagen Ltd. As I mentioned previously I cannot show a lot of my Oxford Product Design work because it is under a blanket NDA however this work included the design of an injection moulded electronics box with complex cable routing, the organic surfacing for an over-moulded facemask, a 3D printed working prototype of a handheld scanner  & the machined casework & 3D printed part design for a functioning initial appearance prototype of a medical self diagnostic device. My name is on a few patents as a result of these projects.



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Over the years I have built a network of contacts in the design and manufacturing industries. To ensure you get a design solution that not only looks great but works well I can discuss the design with manufacturing partners & even sub-contract highly experienced design engineers as needed to review the design for manufacture and feasibility. 



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