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COPIC Markers.16.png

Above: Pushing myself to see what I could do in an hour. 45 minute scene setup & render. 15 minute post processing. I had already set the markers up in my model library so importing these was a quick process. I made the ground plane material for the scene.

Thank you @lukasvonarburg for the COPIC Marker model from Grab CAD. I had made the labels in Illustrator previously.

Below: I focused on UV unwrapping models in Keyshot to produce more accurate material representation. If the wood section were to be produced it could either be machined from multiple blocks which have been bonded or steam bent with jigs post machining (the technique I chose to show). I am not entirely sure what the designers intentions were tbh. Maybe there is another option altogether. It is a nice looking chair though so used it as the focus here! All of these models are either from GrabCAD or Turbosquid. Thank you to the creators below:

Modern Chair Design by Gauthier Poulain (Grab CAD)
Rotten Branch by edikm1 (TurboSquid)
Bush - Pot - Plant 3D model by Guachinarte (Turbo Squid)
Bryan Dillon Pillow (Grab CAD)

I created the wooden materials & the materials for the potted plant. The black plastic & cushion material is from the Almond Materials pack with a bit of rescaling a tweaking.



Modern Chair Design by Gauthier Poulain GC without blur.png
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