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008 Speaker Assistant R2_edited.jpg

'Beep-Bop. 'A smart speaker with character' designed and rendered - by the talented

I wanted this speaker to have a friendly personality so people would form a bond with the product whilst listening to their favourite music. I settled on a Tri-lobular design because it allows for a minimalist form but can be read as a person sitting. As a long time fan of the film Wall-E I took influence from their design language for the character 'Eve'.

The design is made to be repaired &/or recycled using a similar technique to previous speaker concepts where you can unclip/ unscrew the speaker mesh to access an allen key (housed internally) that can be used for further disassembly and repair.'

Both @Colourweekly and reposted this project. The above text is taken from



008 Speaker Assistant R1 w Logo_edited.j
008 Speaker Assistant R3_edited.jpg
008 Speaker Assistant R4_edited.jpg
008 Speaker Assistant R5_edited.jpg
008 Speaker Assistant In-Situ R1_edited.
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