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Pedal & Post Group Render of E-Trikes in Parking Lot

Pedal and Post are a brilliant ultra-low emission delivery service based in Oxford with a super friendly team orientated towards the goal of a lower carbon future. I feel very positive about the company, their purpose and the team. Many others do too. See their Google Reviews!


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In 2022 Pedal & Post approached me to create a number of visualisations for their new range of E-Trike delivery services. This is a brilliant example of a project where the client was able to utilise my cross disciplinary experience to save time and money. Initially I created doctored CAD, adding much needed detail to the design using a Grab CAD model I found (thank you Egor Samovar) & building other elements as required. This allowed me to produce 6x initial renderings in various scenes. In addition to creating much of the CAD & many different trailer options I also created the graphic design to brand the trailer boxes. I cannot show many of the renders yet because they feature branding for different companies and are still under NDA. These renders helped Pedal & Post partner with some global brands. Pedal & Post used my services many times last year. I look forward to our next project!



Pedal & Post Side View of E-Trike with Created Graphic Decal
Pedal & Post Front Perspective View of E-Trike
Pedal & Post Perspective Group View of E-Trikes in Parking Lot
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