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'Sygensys is a start-up developing demand management and energy storage system solutions to allow effective use of renewable energy sources. Their vision is to leverage the incredible potential of bi-directional power flow from electric vehicles and battery energy storage systems to help balance electricity supply and demand, both on public grids and local microgrids.' (Taken from Sygensys – Effective use of renewable energy sources)


I have helped them produce two 80+ page digital reports summarising their ground breaking research. The projects required company colour & branding design, report layouts & navigation system design and all of the graphics, graphs or infographics as seen in the reports. For this project I was required to design in Powerpoint so that many people could simultaneously work on the same document. 


These reports have made an impact with the National Grid association among others and the diagrams are now being referenced in other reports globally. 

For more information about this incredible company please see their website: Sygensys – Effective use of renewable energy sources





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