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Desk Tidy Lamp Designed by Duncan Crosse

This is a self directed project. I often complete self directed projects because it allows for focused self improvement or to learn specific new skills & drill down into areas of interest without time pressure. In this instance my aim was to design a product with an explicitly organic form.

The idea for this product is to combine a number of different elements that are commonly found on one's desk to save space. This product concept combines a soft but powerful diffuse glow lamp, battery pack for charging phones and other devices, a pen tray and internal storage. I have a strong preference towards sustainable design therefore my intention would be to manufacture this product out of recycled plastics. 

After posting this design on Instagram it drew global attention with multiple reposts from design curators on Instagram. These reposts accrued thousands of likes and brought me a few hundred new followers. Thank you to the following design curators for choosing to repost this project! 









Desk Tidy Lamp Image 02 Designed by Duncan Crosse
Desk Tidy Lamp Image 03 Designed by Duncan Crosse
Desk Tidy Lamp Image 04 Designed by Duncan Crosse
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