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This is a self directed project I completed for fun in 2022 to sharpen my industrial design skills. Description of the product idea below. 

The Small Invader Games Console is a design offshoot of the Nintendo Switch. It allows you to lock its detachable controllers low down its slide rails meaning that you can wrap your fingers around the controllers fully in a comfortable gaming position over extended periods. The inspiration came from the desire to design a games console that was stylistically more mature than the Nintendo Switch, minimalist yet still very comfortable to play. The name was inspired by the shape of an enemy in the classic retro video game, Space Invaders, & one of the console's features is that the right-hand buttons are denoted by the elemental symbols for Earth, Wind, Fire and Water as a nod to the Nintendo videogame, Pokemon, and to differentiate the console further from the pack. This design is in no way affiliated with Nintendo or Teenage Engineering and is only conceptual at this stage.

This design was reposted by Product Minimal on Instagram accruing close to 3,000 likes at the time of writing. 





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