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The best option for start-ups and small companies

Founded by Duncan Crosse as a platform for his freelance work in 2021. He offers a combination of complimentary design services that can be invaluable to product led companies in their early phases. 

Industrial Design Services

Concept Design

A-Surface CAD Capture (Solidworks 2021)

Design Engineering (Solidworks 2021)

Reverse Engineering (Solidworks 2021)

Product Renderings (Keyshot 2021​)

Product Animations (Keyshot 2021)

Graphic Design Services

Customer facing documentation design

Company Logos 

Brand Language

Website Design

My skillset is ideally suited to the early phases of your company's development. I have 9 years' experience working professionally in the design industry at several award-winning Product Design Consultancies as both an Industrial Product & Graphic Designer. Using me for both graphic and product design works best because I can bring about true brand uniformity for your physical product's aesthetic & your company's graphic design. Using me for the early stages is a more economical option than using consultancies because I have lower overheads. I know good design does not happen in isolation though & that is why I can call on my network of industry professionals if & when they are needed for your project. 


0797 643 3898


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I can help with the early stages in physical product development. See all projects. 


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I am proud to have completed multiple industrial & graphics projects for...

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Sygensys Logo.png
The Psychometrics Forum_Finalised_Logos_V2.png
2022_03_16 TOAD Poster V2-05.png
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Gratifyingly many of these are return customers.  I hope I may be adding your company to this section soon as well. 

Green Hills


I can help with your branding, aesthetic consistency & all forms of customer facing documentation.


As little design as possible... 

By myself I can offer a lot to your company however a large part of my offering is also in who I know. I have contacts in the manufacturing & design industries that I can call on for design review meetings or subcontract for specific parts of your project meaning that you get the best solutions without paying for a whole team.  


I can save your company a lot of money & you will not have to compromise on quality. I can offer both graphic and physical product solutions that are comparable to the quality you would receive from large consultancies. Recent customers attest to the high quality of the work they receive (see below). 

Currently, we are in a global recession. Sub-contracting out intermittent work to agile, low-cost, high-value freelancers like me is a sensible option.

What my clients say

"Duncan is an exceptional industrial designer"

"Duncan is an exceptional industrial designer with excellent sketching skills, and a talent for capturing the requirements of the customer quickly in a manufacturable but aesthetically pleasing form. He has an great knowledge of prototyping technologies, and an impressive grasp of mechanical engineering considerations also. Duncan is very personable also, and a fantastic person to work alongside." Gerard Shields,Founder & CEO of Printpool Ltd. 

Why no Google reviews? Long story short, ask Google... as yet, I have got no satisfactory explanations or help from Google. Customers have left Google reviews for me from as early as February 2022 but they have never shown up on my business profile. This, alongside other issues with my business profile are the subject of ongoing communications with Google but are yet to be resolved. 

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